One of the greatest needs for renewable power production is grid storage.


Battery Storage

Sun First Solar is proud to offer new technology battery storage options that improve onsite solar consumption. Our battery storage options include names on the cutting-edge of battery storage technology, including SolarEdge and Sonnen. In fact, just last month, Sonnen announced the launch of a new battery storage system that would help homeowners maximize storage consumption but at a much lower price point.

Solar Battery Storage in the Bay Area

Sun First Solar can install a home battery storage system that will help you experience all of the benefits of solar power. We understand that you might have questions about brands or whether you should be concerned with off-grid, grid-tie or load size management. One of our energy consultants can discuss your concerns with you and provide you with the latest information on your battery storage options.

We are proud to be experts in the installation of battery back-up systems, and we were one of the original battery backup installers. In fact, we installed our first Off Grid PV and Battery system back in 2004, and we have been installing them ever since. Battery storage is the present and future of solar energy technology. Contact us today to learn more about how we can install a battery storage system in your home today for maximum energy independence.