Solar Battery Storage in the Bay Area • Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer & More!

One of the greatest needs for renewable power production is grid storage.


Battery Storage

Sun First Solar is proud to offer new technology battery storage options that improve onsite solar efficiency. Our battery storage options include names on the cutting-edge of battery storage technology, such as Sonnen Eco and the Tesla Powerwall.

When you install a solar battery as part of your home solar energy system, you can actually store the extra energy your solar panels produce back into the electricity grid. During the times when you need more electricity than your system normally produces, you can use the solar energy you have stored through your solar panel battery storage.

Solar Battery Storage in the Bay Area

Sun First Solar can install a home battery storage system that will help you experience all of the benefits of solar power. When you install a solar battery as part of your home solar energy system, you can actually store the extra energy your solar panels produce at home instead of feeding it back into the electricity grid. With solar batteries, you maximize your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels on a day-to-day basis. During the times when you need more electricity than your solar panels are producing (later in the day or at nighttime), you can use the solar energy you have stored. Contact us today so we can provide you with the latest information on your battery storage options. Our energy storage systems are second to none.

Certified Tesla Installer & More!

We are proud to be experts in the installation of battery back-up systems, and we are a certified Tesla Powerwall installer. In fact, we installed our first Off-Grid PV and Battery system back in 2004, and we have been installing them ever since. Battery storage is the present and future of solar energy technology. Contact us today to learn more about how we can install a battery storage system in your home today for maximum energy independence.



Sun First Solar is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, which means we now offer a customized solar-plus-battery solution that enables you to access the free, abundant power of the sun and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels.

With Tesla Powerwall you can store solar energy generated during the day for use any time. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery. At night, your home draws electricity from your Tesla powerwall battery, powering your home with clean, sustainable energy 24/7.

Installing Powerwall with Sun First Solar is easy. We take care of everything from design, permitting, installation, financing, interconnection and strong customer service.

Powerwall consists of a 14 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, liquid thermal control system, an integrated inverter and software that intelligently dispatches electricity when it’s needed most. The unit mounts seamlessly on a wall or on the ground, indoors or outdoors, and is connected to the grid to export excess energy, maximizing your opportunity for economic benefit.

Powerwall can provide a number of benefits including:

Self-Powered – Tesla powerwall increases the self-consumption of solar power generation. Powerwall can store surplus solar energy during daylight hours and use that energy later when the sun is not shining.

Time-Based Control – Powerwall can charge during low rate periods when demand for electricity is lower and discharge during more expensive rate periods when electricity demand is higher.

Back-up power – Assures power in the event of a grid outage.


The sonnenBatterie eco delivers savings and peace of mind day and night. High-end components perfectly tuned to your needs. Create your own energy mix. The right size energy storage for any need – any time.

The sonnenBatterie is a complete system – ready for connection. This means that inside of every sonnenBatterie you’ll find not only the extremely durable battery modules but also an inverter, an intelligent energy manager, measurement technology and the software to operate it all smoothly. All in one handy box.

In contrast to most other battery systems in the market the sonnenBatterie components are built into a single high-quality casing and perfectly attuned to each other – thereby ensuring maximum longevity and the highest quality in a minimum of space.

The right size energy storage for any need – any time. Every household has its own energy requirements. That’s why the sonnenBatterie was developed as a multi-stage storage system that can be adapted to most energy needs.

With storage sizes ranging from 2 kWh to 16 kWh the sonnenBatterie will power a detached house, a multi-family house or an apartment block. The capacity of the sonnenBatterie can be expanded in blocks of 2 kWh.

Should you require more power – for example for running a small business – multiple sonnenBatterie can be set up as a cascading cluster thereby increasing the capacity and power of the sonnenBatterie up to a maximum of 48 kWh. More than enough to satisfy the energy needs of your business.