Invest in your home, make back the cost within 7 years.

Residential Solar in the Bay Area


Your Energy Savings

Electricity rates will continue to rise year after year. Solar will help you take control and reduce your energy expense.

Increase Your Home Value

Recently, a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory underscored the increase in home valuation after home owners purchased solar energy systems.

Solar power reduces our carbon output while helping us limit global warming.


Pay Yourself First

Solar is a great investment! Many Sun First Solar clients make back the cost of their solar system within the first 5 – 7 years.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, your solar system requires little or no maintenance. Our systems provide clean, quiet electrical power and our panels have the best warranty in the world with a solid 25 yr mfg warranty.

Trust Sun First Solar

We love solar! We’re local with over 32 years of experience. Sun First Solar will design and install custom solar systems regardless of size, scope or difficulty. Let us provide a free analysis+quote so you’ll see how much you can save. Check out our great reviews and testimonials!

Our Residential Solar Projects