Is Solar Power the Answer for Your Home?

At this point, most people have heard something about solar power and its many benefits. If you are living in the San Francisco area, chances are you probably even know someone who has solar. California boasts the largest number of homes with solar installations in the country, and it looks like they will probably retain that distinction for years to come. With the Renewable Portfolio Standard requiring 25% of the state’s electricity to come from renewable resources by 2016, solar power is only getting started. And considering that San Francisco is so progressive, it’s no wonder that they have jumped on the solar bandwagon.

With so many people around you making the switch, you may be considering joining the crowd and investing in solar. If you are still unsure, however, here are some good reasons to get solar power for your San Francisco home:

1.  Helping the environment- If you are trying to live a greener, healthier lifestyle that leaves less of a carbon footprint, installing solar panels is actually one of the biggest steps you can take toward that goal. Many of the old power systems that homeowners have are run on oil and coal, incredibly unrenewable resources that destroy the land, pollute the water, and contribute to climate change. By going solar, you can drastically reduce your emissions, plus help cut our dependence on foreign oil, the need to drill and mine our wilderness, and a myriad other bad practices like fracking.

2.  Helping your wallet– When was the last time that you remember hearing about a product or service that was better for the environment and also cheaper than the alternatives? One of the best things about solar power is how affordable it truly is, which is why customers have been flocking to the solar market. There are financial incentives and tax breaks in place to make the initial installation more manageable, after which you may never have to pay a power bill again! The way that solar works is that you use whatever energy that you generate; if you use more than that you have to pay for it, but the excess goes back into the grid (for which you receive credits). The credits can help you cover any times that you might use more than you put into the system, making it very unlikely that you’ll have to pay much.

Image of San Francisco solar power concept

3.  Cutting out the middleman– Having solar energy pretty much eliminates the need for you to do business with a utility company. Rather than having to put up with their increasing rates and questionable charges, you can opt out with solar and avoid them most of the time. Considering what a pleasure being put on hold for half an hour so that you can speak to someone about an incorrect charge is, most people will probably welcome a system in which they don’t really need to have much contact.

These are only three good reasons that you might want to consider solar power for your San Francisco home. Why are you considering the switch?