Can Solar Energy Really Power My Home?

image of bay area home with solar panels

In the Bay Area, solar power has long been touted as the energy of the future. But how does solar power measure up, and can you really power your home with nothing but solar panels? Here at Sun First Solar, we’re here to inform you about the capabilities and benefits of solar power – and we’re in a good position to know about it!

Solar power is a formidable technology that has advanced rapidly over the past few decades. Solar panels are now highly effective, and more homes than ever are using them to help meet their power needs and to reduce their energy costs. And of course, solar is also one of the most earth-friendly ways to get the energy you need.

Solar panels can indeed be used to power homes; however, most solar homes only use solar to offset their electricity “off the grid.” In other words, they get part of their electricity from the solar panels and they get the rest from the power company like anybody else. There are several reasons that people use solar this way, but the most common is limited roof space.

This “partial solar” approach can be hugely beneficial. It means that a giant percentage of your electricity is coming from the sun for free, dramatically reducing your power bills. And installing solar, even just for partial energy offset, qualifies you for numerous tax credits and rebates, making it easy for partial solar to pay for itself and save you money over time. It helps that solar panels are long-lasting, require little to no maintenance, and often come with a 25-year warranty. Many solar panels will continue to deliver power for up to 40 years.

Some homes can indeed achieve 100% energy independence using solar power. This depends on the size of the home and its energy usage, the amount of sunny roof space available, and location. An increasing number of solar homes around the Bay Area have gone completely “off the grid.”

Others prefer to take a simpler approach and just use the panels for extras like their swimming pool. Solar panels are an easy way to heat the water in your pool without the added expense. This will make having the pool less of an excessive luxury and more of an affordable way to stay cool and relax.

These are some of the basic ways that solar can be set up to help homeowners achieve lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Solar can do the same thing for businesses and can also be configured in many customized ways for individual households and situations.

Why are you thinking of switching to solar? Call or contact us at Sun First Solar for an analysis or to answer any questions!