San Francisco Solar Power — the Green Solution to the Cost of Living

The rising cost of living in San Francisco due to the influx of commuting workers in the tech sector has been making plenty of headlines lately. It seems like everything is more expensive, from real estate to coffee. Electricity bills are no exception, and every household appliance, from the oven and fridge to the air conditioner and water heater, gobbles up power in order to operate. Luckily, there is an alternative to the traditional expensive and environmentally unsound electricity sources. Solar power can both save money and offer a variety of other benefits at the same time.


San Francisco solar power users enjoy lower electricity bills year-round. After the initial investment in solar equipment and installation, the energy accumulated by the system is free to use. This can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year on your energy costs.

Solar power is a great way to make a lasting “green” impact on the earth by removing your home from traditional electricity systems and the strain they put on our ecosystem. The process of drawing energy from the sun uses minimal resources, and does not pollute the environment with carbon or other emissions that result from the use of fossil fuel.

In today’s tech-dependent society, it’s easy to use a lot of electricity without even realizing it. Appliances that stay plugged into electrical outlets continue to draw power even if you don’t turn them on. And if you have an item on your property that uses a large amount of energy, like a hot tub, this will significantly raise your “energy overhead.”

Choosing the right system for yourself will take a careful evaluation of your specific household needs. There are two primary types of solar systems on the market: those that can be “tied to the grid” and those that cannot. The latter type works as its own standalone system, providing clean energy for a variety of different uses. Standalone solar power systems will be ideal if you have a cabin or vacation home that has no other available power source nearby to tap into.

Grid-connected systems are most suitable for homes in San Francisco. Once installed, San Francisco solar power systems can be connected to the energy company’s system, and any extra energy that the home generates can be sold to the power company for credit.