Is It Finally Time for Solar Energy?

San Francisco is by and large a green town, one that puts more effort and conscientiousness than most U.S. cities into developing earth-friendly policies and lifestyles. But for many years, people have felt they cannot make the big jump and switch to solar power. In the past, solar power was not efficient and faced large installation costs. However, many people are saying that now is finally the time for solar energy in San Francisco. Could it be true?

Worker installing solar panels in San Francisco

For many home and business owners, the answer is yes. Here’s what you need to know to decide if solar is right for you:

The numbers have never been better. The government wants you to go green and they’re willing to pay you to do it. That means incentives at the federal, state, and often local level. Installing solar in your home or business can earn you tax credits and rebates, so before you even start to look at energy savings, you’re already facing massively reduced costs.

Solar has become easy. We at Sun First Solar are dedicated to accessible solar energy in San Francisco and can handle all aspects of planning and installation. This includes targeting the panels for maximum efficiency in your location, as well as handling permitting and hookup. Solar panels can be placed on the roof or on the ground depending on your needs, architecture, and preference. Many of these companies also offer maintenance and service, which means that having solar energy is no more difficult than having cable TV.

Offset pays. Solar energy may not completely replace grid electricity for all of your home or business’ energy needs. However, solar can offset your use of metered energy—and the math shows that it’s worth it. For most buildings, energy savings are so great that the entire cost of installing solar is offset within seven years. Since modern solar arrays last up to 30 years, that means massive savings long term.

Different solar setups will be better for different uses, and the nice thing is that more panels can always be added if you want to increase your savings later. What has you interested in solar energy in San Francisco?