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Frank Levinson

Tiburon Residence - 9.6kw Solar PV system - SunPower Panels

Frank Levinson made his Tiburon home a model for energy efficiency. His home utilizes the latest technologies in solar PV, solar thermal, insulation, green materials, lighting, appliances and monitoring to achieve a nearly net zero energy home. This impressive project pushed the envelope and received due praise and recognition from leading local publications.

Mr. Levinson is the founder and managing director of Small World Group, a venture capital fund focused on Clean Tech and Green Investing. Prior to this, he was the founder, CTO and chairman of Finisar Corporation. He also sits as a judge for the California Clean Tech Open Business Plan Competition.

Mr. Levinson is dedicated to environmental responsibility, which he practices both at home and professionally, pioneering Green Technologies of the future. Sun First! is proud to have worked with Frank on realizing his vision.

The Sun First! fellows were very hands on, as we considered different options they clearly had great working knowledge that helped us make good choices.  Our Tiburon home showed me how this area is particularly great for solar energy.  We cut our natural gas usage by more than 90% and we now show an electrical surplus of 3000 KW-hrs each of the last 2 years.  I cannot recommend the Sun First group highly enough.
– Frank Levinson