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Marin Solar

10 KW Solar PV System - Sun Power Panels

Marin Solar

To demonstrate just how reliable and successful Sun First is in designing and installing solar systems, you can read a quote from a happy Marin resident below. If you are looking for quality Marin solar energy solutions or nearby San Francisco solar power design and installation services, you’ve come to the right company. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us today.

“Creating more energy than we use from our Sun First Solar photovoltaic system is extremely satisfying.  We’re helping the environment by creating clean energy, reducing our own need for fossil fuel and, in turn, helping to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and saving money each month in doing so.  We installed our first Sun First PV system on our vacation home and were so happy with their service that we recently installed a second system on our main residence.

Sun First! compared favorably in the many bids we received, are locally owned and operated, have been in business for many years and were able to help us install the most advanced technology on the market today.  Not to be overlooked, Sun First was sensitive to our aesthetic concerns and, in both installations, the panels are not able to be seen.  Since the energy we make is used first by us and then by our closest utility users without clogging the energy grid, our dream is that others follow in our footsteps so that Marin County can become energy self- sustaining using the power of the sun to do so.”

-Marin Resident